These days, everyone talks about loneliness. Already before COVID-19 invaded the world, but even more so ever since. Loneliness is supposed to be bad for our mental and physical health, something we need to “fight against”. But what is loneliness? The videos below explain how different people would describe loneliness to

someone who has never felt lonely, which feelings come along with loneliness, whether people view it as something negative or beneficial, and the struggle of getting out of loneliness. Indeed, if you would like to learn more about how loneliness can be resolved, have a look at remedies.

the videos

define loneliness

Loneliness: This feeling of being separated from the rest of the world, of being misunderstood, of not having anyone who we care about or who cares about us. In this video, people explain how they would explain what loneliness is to someone who has not felt it before.

images of loneliness

Loneliness is like living in an empty house that used to be filled with human voices, like swimming in an ocean without being able to see anything but water, like being separated from the world by a double-layer of glass, like finding out that no one has listened… Some poetic and pictorial explanations of what loneliness feels like.

lonely, not alone

Loneliness is often mixed up with being alone (i.e., solitude). This is surprising because most of us know from their own experience that they can be alone and not feel lonely. And that we can feel lonely even when we are together with others. This video explains the difference.

feeling lonely

How do you feel when you feel lonely? A video about the various feelings and emotions we may encounter in our loneliness.

positive or negative

Unlike being alone, feeling lonely is usually uncomfortable and just not nice. However, loneliness can also have some benefits, as the people in this video explain.


On staying positive

struggle with loneliness

“But loneliness is such a difficult thing to deal with”, says one Egyptian interviewee in this video. A videoclip about struggling one’s way through loneliness – from recognizing to getting out of it.


Experience with one’s own loneliness

what causes loneliness?