A very warm welcome to this online exhibition about loneliness across cultures. Join our circle, make yourself comfortable, and listen to the wisdom about loneliness that people from different countries of the world are willing to share with you.


If you are a human being, chances are high that you have felt lonely or that you will feel lonely at some point in your life. Even if you yourself have not encountered feelings of loneliness yet, someone around you certainly has – especially after a 2020 with Covid-19-related social distancing and lockdowns.


This website can help you understand your own or others’ loneliness better, make you realize that occasionally feeling lonely is as normal as occasionally feeling sad, and show you that you are never alone with your loneliness.


It offers a collection of film clips about loneliness experiences from people in five different countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Israel, Egypt, and India). The video clips are sorted into three categories: definitions of loneliness, potential causes of loneliness, and remedies.

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what is loneliness

Would you like to better understand what loneliness is? Would you like to hear what loneliness feels like for a number of people or how it is similar or different from being alone? Then you might want to have a look at these videos.


Would you like to know more about why people can feel lonely? In this section, you can find as many as eighteen videos about different reasons for feeling lonely.

loneliness across cultures


Are you interested in strategies and ways to feel less lonely? Then please have a look at remedies for loneliness.


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what is loneliness?